By having her boys do their community service on Saturdays at the Snowsuit Fund depot with home-baked cookies in tow, Sue Dybka began her beautiful friendship with the Fund some years ago. Now an established 7-year volunteer veteran, Sue is re-inventing herself once more… 

As a grassroots COVID response, she donated over 500 items to health care and frontline workers for two months, then started selling masks to benefit the Food Bank. Over $4000 was raised to help meet the community’s increasing food needs. 

With the Snowsuit Fund preparing to launch its 39th Season, Sue is using her remaining mask inventory to serve Ottawa’s most vulnerable families by directing future sales proceeds to The Snowsuit Fund. Every seven masks sold at $7.50 will buy one brand new snowsuit to keep a child warm this winter. Sue has already raised close to $800 in donations sewing up some funky animal prints for kids, youth and adults. 

As Sue says, “The Snowsuit Fund meets a need that no one else does. Volunteers like me keep coming back not only to help out but to simply be in this feel-good place.”