Imagine being left with two children both under two years of age. Imagine having no spousal support and having to work part-time in retail to make ends meet. This was the situation facing  Sherrilynne when she was a 20-year-old single mother. She first came to know of The Snowsuit Fund when she was referred through the baby girls’ daycare centre. Having enough money for essentials was her focus.  Getting snowsuits for her daughters was nothing short of miraculous!

With this kind of sustained support from caring organizations like The Snowsuit Fund, Sherrilynne went on to Algonquin College to get a Public Relations diploma and began what has become a successful, international career while raising her two girls with their step-father. Now adults; one daughter is a teacher and the other is a nurse. They both live in Ottawa, having grown up in the UK and the USA. 

Knowing that The Snowsuit Fund helped her when she needed it most, this now successful mother and career professional has been inspired to do her bit to help today’s young families.“Being outside in the winter is an important part of growing up in Ottawa and children need warm clothes if they are going out to play”, says Sherrilynne,” Think about your own childhoods and how much fun you had skating and tobogganing and climbing snowbanks. Every child deserves to play outside and be carefree. They need warm clothes.”