After having completed her second degree in Ottawa in 2010, Sarah moved back in 2015 because of an unwanted and very unexpected divorce. She thought it best to be ‘home’ around loved ones. It was a very tough season with lots of changes and unknowns where she was in many ways restarting life. During this turbulent time, however, Sarah was touched by how supportive her church, friends, and moreover her community were.  She realized how important it is to be part of a community, to be able to receive as well as to give within a caring support system.

Despite her own challenges then, Sarah, who has always been dedicated to the communities and people around her, began exploring different organizations and charities with which to serve again. Following her keen passion for children and heart for serving the vulnerable, Sarah knew the Snowsuit Fund was and continues to be a wonderful fit!


Actively involved in the Ottawa community and particularly the Snowsuit Fund, it was on Sarah’s heart to do something tangible. She set about creating an initiative which she calls “Angel Tree” that is simple, meets a need and allows anyone from any socio-economic status to participate. At a time of year where many people are struggling, this initiative provides a means to give back, to serve and shower love through the gift of warmth.


The premise of Sarah’s Angel Tree Initiative goes like this; angels are organized into three age groups: 3-6, 7-11 and 12-15 and then are broken down for a boy and girl. Step 1: Choose an angel. Step 2: Buy a hat, gloves/mittens and a scarf/neck warmer for chosen angel. Step 3: Bring back angel and accessories in a Ziplock bag.


Sarah continues to run her Angel Tree initiative because it is something she can do and she believes… “We are all called to care for and love others, especially those in need. It truly is better to give than receive and that when you give, in whatever way that may look like, you are not simply blessing you are being blessed. I like to think of the Snowsuit Fund as one accessory, one snowsuit, one precious life at a time…”