Amanda Ruddy of Amanda Julia Events brings her formidable talents of planning, styling, and executing customized and memorable experiences to the Snowsuit Fund. Amanda has helped organize pre-pandemic signature events like SnowBall – A Cool Winters Eve and now she is helping to plan innovative virtual, at-home and outdoor events for the upcoming season.  But Amanda’s volunteer experience with The Snowsuit Fund began quite differently- at the Depot.  A close friend introduced her to the idea of volunteering at the Depot letting her know what an incredible experience it was.  So, she gathered a team of 8 friends and colleagues and spent some Saturday mornings serving families and children ensuring they were equipped for our cold  Ottawa winters.

For me the most memorable moments are making a connection with the families that come into the depot. The kids are excited to try on different suits, pick out their toque and mitts for the season, and be a part of the process. Their parents are so grateful that this service exists. It’s just remarkable how happy everyone is when they are walking out of the depot.”

It was impossible for Amanda NOT to feed off that joy. It was so very heartwarming. She knows in her heart that SSF does big things and helps a lot of people each year preparing kids to play outside and enjoy winter activities with friends and classmates and be warm!  Above all, Amanda emphasizes the fact that this organization is more than just handing over a snowsuit to someone. All the volunteers work hard to serve members of our community and she is proud to be part of this inspiring volunteer team.