A new snowsuit: A simple thing that can make a profound difference

(It seems so simple, doesn’t it?) When winter settles in, dress warmly. But every year more than 16,000 of our city’s children struggle to stay warm.  For over 40 years the Snowsuit Fund has been providing children from Ottawa’s in need families with brand new high quality, warm snowsuits so they too can bundle up and enjoy winter

As educators, parents and children, we know that outdoor play is important for mental health, active lifestyles, learning and development. It seems like such a small thing, but a new snowsuit can help nurture self-esteem and joy that children carry with them for the rest of their lives.  

At the Snowsuit Fund, we’ve been helping children have an amazing experience for over 40 years.

Long-time Ottawa resident Daniel Roussy shared exactly what a new snowsuit meant to him when he says, “I was raised by a single mom most of my life, and it was tough having just one parent who earned all the income for the family. I was about 6 or 7 years old when she turned to the Snowsuit Fund so I could play outside with the other kids.  That snowsuit made me feel like a have versus feeling like a have-not. I think it was a green snowsuit and I played outside frequently in it. That was an amazing experience to have as a child.”


How your school can help

Anytime FUNdraising

As a winter charity, our fundraising and service seasons are active September through March. However, school FUN raisers can happen anytime.  

See examples of other schools that have engaged in some creative ways:

Refer a Family in Need 

If you see a child at your school who is dressed inappropriately for the weather and you suspect that their family may be struggling financially, please direct them to The Snowsuit Fund where they can find out if they qualify to receive a snowsuit and where they can make an appointment to receive one.  

Snow Angel Challenge | Feb 1-28

Underscoring The Importance Of Snowsuits For Winter Play

Created in 2020 in response to the pandemic, Snow Angel Challenge runs the entire month of February.  Prizes are awarded to individuals who post on social media and to schools just for engaging or raising funds at any time during the year.   

Teachers, students and families are invited to get outside, make snow angels, post or share pictures and gather donations.  This simple winter activity underscores the importance of a warm snowsuit to survive and thrive during Ottawa winters and teaches the importance of giving back.

The Snowsuit Fund is grateful for the support of numerous schools across the city that have helped out in a variety of ways over the years.

REGISTER YOUR SCHOOL TODAY and lets discuss how we can help you execute a School for Snowsuits initiative in 2022-23