Lisgar Collegiate Institute and St-Laurent Academy were the rewards winners of the 2022 Snow Angel Challenge in the schools division. Each school signed up to raise money and awareness for the Snowsuit Fund. All schools who signed up for the challenge were entered into a random draw. The reward – a custom mural project guided by renowned Ottawa artist Katerina Mertikas!
Each mural was initially sketched by Katerina, who then guided the students as they painted. Students of Ms. Sommers’ class at Lisgar Collegiate, had the opportunity to paint a mural depicting their school, while students of Ms. Elena Kourounis’s class at the St. Laurent Academy, decorated their classroom wall with a mural of the Rideau Canal in classic Katerina style.
“I was happy to guide students on painting this mural for their delightful school. It was a great way to spend time with kids who like art,” said Katerina.
The Snowsuit Fund thanks Katerina for her support including donating her time and wisdom to the students and for her beautiful Christmas cards that have raised much needed funds over the last couple of years.