Whether your event takes place online, indoors or outdoors, it’s easy for individuals and groups to raise money for The Snowsuit Fund.

Our funding comes directly from generous groups and individuals many of whom host events and fundraise on our behalf.  So, gather your family, friends, colleagues and community to make a difference in the lives of Ottawa’s most vulnerable children and their families.

100% or your donations will be used to buy snowsuits for kids who really need them.  

Here’s how to get started

  1. Brainstorm ideas and decide on a concept (see ideas below)
  2. Confirm your date, time, ticket price 
  3. Finalize your offering(s)
  4. Write an event description (one paragraph)
  5. Register your event  with us HERE
  6. Plan all the details 
  7. Promote & Fundraise – we can help

You share your warmth and we’re here to help

Please register your fundraiser and provide complete information. Once you’re registered we can share tips and promotional resources.  However, as the event organizer, most of the planning is in your hands.

How we can help

  • Publish your event to our events calendar
  • Provide promotional materials                                                                                (Snowsuit Fund logos, banners, posters, buttons, stickers, collection boxes)
  • Announce your event in our monthly newsletter
  • Help create online fundraising page(s)
  • Mention your event on social media
  • Issue official tax receipts as applicable**
  • Arrange for official attendance and presentations (as possible, schedules permitting)

Event Organizer to-dos

  • Event budgets and funding 
  • Event promotion and marketing
  • Applications for gaming or liquor licenses
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Ticket sales 
  • Prize and auction item solicitation
  • Correspondence and thank you letters

** Not all donations are eligible for tax receipts. Please check with us to determine eligibility in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

Get inspired by these event ideas!

virtuelle/en ligne/ à la maison

  • Vente de garage virtuelle
  •  Tournoi de golf virtuel
  • Soirée de peinture virtuelle
  • BINGO en ligne
  • Jeu-concours en ligne
  • Performance artistique ou musicale diffusée sur le web
  • Enchères en ligne
  • Dîners offerts

en plein air

  • Tournoi de golf
  • Course amicale ou marathon de marche
  • Soirée de patinage
  • Journée de ski
  • Chasse aux trésors
  • Lave-auto
  • collecte de bouteilles
  • BBQ
  • pique-nique
  • Cinéma en plein air

en intérieur

  • Performance en direct
  • Tirage au sort ou vente aux enchères
  • Vente de pâtisseries
  •  Petit-déjeuner aux crêpes
  •  Nuit de peinture
  • Défilé de mode
  • Défi coupe de cheveux
  •  Concours enseignant/étudiant
  •  Soirée dîner