“I was about 6 or 7 years old when [my mom] turned to the Snowsuit Fund so I could play outside with the other kids. That snowsuit made me feel like a have versus feeling like a have-not. I think it was a green snowsuit and I played outside frequently in it. That was an amazing experience to have as a child.”

Daniel Roussy, Past Client

“When I left the Snowsuit Fund depot that day, I was proud of my new jacket. I had no idea that a piece of clothing would give me confidence and change my life. I was warm heading off to school and I was active outdoors with friends all-year round.”

Oscar Arrieta, Past Client

“You gave me a snowsuit when I was a child and made me feel like a have, not a have not”

Daniel Roussy, Past Client

“Every child deserves to play outside and be carefree. They need warm clothes.”

Sherrilynne Starkey, Past Client

“There is no better feeling than knowing that you have made a difference in the day, week or life of a family just by offering them a pleasant experience getting a snowsuit.”

Fabienne Tougas, Volunteer

“The Snowsuit Fund meets a need that no one else does.”

Susan Dybka, Volunteer & Fundraiser

“Your staff went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. Their kindness to us was the epitome of compassion and support.”

Christie Lake Kids, Client

“I can’t express how grateful the women are to receive your service and support. They always have great things to say when they return with their children’s suits. And it’s always a pleasure talking to your staff.”

Chrysalis House Women’s Shelter, Client

“I am writing this note to show my gratitude for the good work you are doing. My son was so happy because the snowsuit came at the right time being his first winter in Canada and his age qualified for it. God bless your organization.”

Ronny, Past Client