A cool way to keep kids warm

Every February since 2020, people across the city make snow angels and post pictures and videos online to raise funds and awareness to help The Snowsuit Fund keep kids warm.

Why Snow Angels?

The Snow Angel Challenge is fun way to underline the importance of outdoor winter play for kids – and the fact that all kids need a warm snowsuit to enjoy our cold winters.

No registration required

Head outside, make your snow angel and share your videos or images on social media, and include a link to donate. Challenge your friends, family, colleagues  & neighbours to do the same!  All donations support the purchase of new snowsuits for disadvantaged kids in our community.

Get social to win prizes

  • Post a photo or video of yourself, your friends, your family even your pet making a snow angel on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Include the hashtag #SnowAngelOttawa and tag @SnowsuitFund in your post so we can see it!
  • Challenge others by tagging them in your post.

As determined by a panel of judges or public poll, prizes will be awarded for Most Outrageous, Best Spirit, and Best Pet posts. There’s also weekly random draws from all posts.

Fun for Ottawa schools

  • Teachers and administrators can receive a resource kit with suggestions for indoor and outdoor snow angel activities.
  • Individuals (students and teachers) can create snow angels on their own at home, or as a group in the schoolyard
  • Kids of all ages can colour Snow Angels with sheets by artist Katerina Mertikas

All Schools that have registered an event or fundraiser for the Snowsuit Fund anytime this year or that participate in Snow Angel Challenge are entered to win prizes by random draw.

It’s never too late to get involved!

The creation of the snow angel- a simple process.

  1. Find an undisturbed plane of fresh snow.
  2. Lie with arms and legs outstretched, on the snow.
  3. Sweep your limbs back and forth, creating a trough through the snow.
  4. Get up carefully so as not to disturb your snow creation

When complete, the snow angel should have the appearance of a stylized angel, the movement of the arms having formed wings, and that of the legs having formed a gown.

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