We all joke about how awful Ottawa winters are.   But kids love winter, and need outdoor play time.  And to do that, they need a proper snowsuit to keep themselves warm.

The unfortunate reality is that there are thousands of families in Ottawa who can’t afford a proper snowsuit, and thousands of kids who don’t end up making snow angels or go tobogganing.  That’s what YOU can help provide by donating to The Snowsuit Fund of Ottawa.

CHEZ 106, KiSS 1053, Country 92.3 and CityNews are challenging you to help raise enough money to purchase 10,000 snowsuits this December.   That’s about 2/3 of the number of snowsuits we distribute annually, and will go a long way to our goal of “no cold kids” this winter.

Donate through the form below and either make a one-time donation or add a monthly subscription.   Donating a minimum of $10 a month helps The Snowsuit Fund keep two kids warm every year.  Or use your cellphone and simply text SNOW to 45678 and donate $25.   Challenge a friend (or text again) and you’ll complete the donation of a full snowsuit.

The 10,000 Snowsuit Challenge… helping Ottawa share the warmth this winter!   Donate today.

How can I help?

  • Donate online through the form below.  Every $50 donated buys ONE snowsuit.
  • You can chose to donate monthly for as little as $10 a month – helping us purchase more than 2 snowsuits a year!
  • Text SNOW to 45678 and a $25 donation will be added to your cellphone bill.  Text twice to buy a full snowsuit!

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